For Packers fans, it’s always gameday.

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Ensign Tim Mahoney, USS Green Bay

My name is Ensign Tim Mahoney from Green Bay, Wis. After I graduated from high school, I moved to Annapolis, Md., to attend the United States Naval Academy. Each of my leave periods throughout my four years in Annapolis was spent supporting the Packers. Whether I was attending a game, going to Fan Fest, or attending Training Camp practices, my leave back home was devoted to the Green and Gold.

As a member of the Navy Drum Line, I even made sure to sneak my cheesehead into the stands to wear during Navy Football games!

After I graduated from the Naval Academy in 2010, I was assigned to USS GREEN BAY (LPD-20) in San Diego, Calif. Assigning a Green Bay native to USS GREEN BAY was like putting a kid in a candy store. It makes it pretty easy to go to work when the ship is completely decked out in Packers memorabilia! Some of our passageways are named "Lombardi Ave.," "Bart Starr Drive," and "Reggie White Way." We also have replica Lombardi Trophies as well as autographed jerseys, footballs, and team pictures on display throughout the ship.

Each one of our sailors command ball caps even has the Packers “G” on the side of them! Who wouldn't want to wear the Packers “G” as part of their official uniform?

I also act as the ship's mascot, “Lambeau Larry,” sporting combat boots, camouflage pants, shoulder pads with USS GREEN BAY jersey, green and gold mask, Cheesehead, and championship belt.

I will never forget pulling out of San Diego for the ship's maiden deployment in 2011, a couple weeks after Super Bowl XLV, "Manning the Rails" in the mascot outfit while flying the "Super Bowl XLV Champions" flag from the Yardarm! The Green Bay Packers have been extremely supportive of the ship since it was commissioned, so it is an honor to be able to serve aboard and help maintain a unique connection with the City of Green Bay and the Green Bay Packers!


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