For Packers fans, it’s always gameday.

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Maria, Gridley, IL

Cassi had purchased tickets to witness the best professional football team play at "The Best Place On Earth" on November 14, 2011 as a present to her cheese-loving boyfriend Nick. After arrival at the game, the twosome made all the tourist stops including the famous Vince Lombardi statue. Nick started to sweat profusely as they walked towards the statue, requesting Cassi take her place for her picture. As Cassi approached ol' Vince, Nick politely asked the couple next to him to photograph one of the most memorable moments of his life (2nd to shooting his first buck, I'm sure). Nick held back the tears in his eyes, approached the woman of his dreams, got down on one knee, and you know the rest! With Vince as his witness, Nick proposed to the cheesehead of his dreams!