For Packers fans, it’s always gameday.

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Kristen J, Morrisville, PA

I grew up in Wisconsin and have always been a huge fan! I moved to Pennsylvania 14 years ago, and actually met my husband here because he was wearing his Green Bay Packers sweatshirt at a WaWa (which is a convenience store for all you Midwesterners!). We met, he asked me out the same day and we went and watched the Packers game together... and the rest is history!

He is from the Upper Peninsula -- a Yooper! So we grew up about 5 hours away from each other and the Packers brought us together! And here we are, 12 years and counting! Our Packers flag flies proudly out our house, and living in Eagles country it is especially wonderful to represent such an awesome team!

GO PACK! We love you!