For Packers fans, it’s always gameday.

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J.R. Biech, Indianapolis, IN

If he can't be in Lambeau Field, J.R. Biech believes he's located in the right spot this season in particular without ever leaving his hometown. Biech lives just outside of Indianapolis, site of Super Bowl XLVI, and he's hoping Green Bay will be there in February as defending champions.

"That would be awesome, cheering the Pack on right here," said Biech, a lifelong Packers' fan. "Hopefully we can repeat right here in Indianapolis."

It won't stop Biech from traveling to Green Bay for training camp, a trip he makes annually. He and his wife, Amy, also try to make at least one home game a year. Members of the Packers Partners Club of Champions for the last five years, they are Indiana natives who are captured by the Packers' mystique.

"I think it's just a unique situation that surrounds the team," he said. "When you go back to the roots and the way they started the team with Curly Lambeau, it couldn't happen in today's climate. There are also so many legends that have played for the Packers for generations. Johnny Blood, Don Hutson, Vince Lombardi... they are all larger than life figures."

Biech's affection grew as a youth when his father was a fan of the Packers-Bears rivalry.

"Growing up, before the Colts were in Indianapolis, my dad would watch the Chicago-Green Bay games and I made the right choice by going with the Packers," he said.

He's since dedicated himself to the cause. Though Amy wasn't a fan when they were married - right after the Packers' victory in Super Bowl XXXI - she has been converted. The loft in their house is now known as the "Packers Room." It has a green and gold recliner and is also full of memorabilia, photos and footballs, like a mini Pro Shop.

In July they'll pack up again and head to Green Bay for training camp, spending a week reconnecting with friends they've made locally while watching practice and attending Packers events.

"Training camp is a great experience for fans," Biech said. "Just seeing the players riding the kid's bikes, watching practice at Nitschke Field and chatting with the players is a blast. It's a really good way to start the season off."