For Packers fans, it’s always gameday.

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Elaine, St. Paul, MN

On Christmas Eve, 2005, our son Bryan flew in from his home in Virginia, excited to watch the Packers and Bears game with us on TV the next day. We had a family dinner at his aunt's place and then, although he was tired, we went home to open gifts. We saved the boys' stockings for last. Bryan thought it was cute when he found a ticket for the Packers game at the bottom of his stocking, and was sure it was a fake "souvenir" I had made for him. He realized it was real when he saw me running around the kitchen packing coolers for our tailgate lunch. Then he simply could not stop laughing for joy! His brother was in on the surprise and slept over so we could get up early to drive the five hours to Lambeau. We had an amazing time with the two boys, loved our free Packers Santa hats and the mild temperatures that day.