For Packers fans, it’s always gameday.

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Donna, St. Paul, MN

Growing up in Sheboygan with Packers Fans for parents I learned early to appreciate the game.  I remember as a child asking my mom what was for supper and she’d say "As soon as the boys win mom will make Supper".  The Packers were her “boys” on Sundays. 

Time passes and now mom lives with me in Minnesota wearing her Green and Gold proudly wherever she goes.  Last Christmas we were so in the spirit of the Packers Super Bowl drive that we started a new tradition.  When the Christmas ornaments come off the tree we make it a Packers tree and place all our “green and gold” treasures on the tree.  This year I was able to add the Ultimate Tree Topper - an autographed football from the 2010 team that I won in a raffle (thanks to my sis-in-law Janet).  People in MN like to give me a hard time about "THE PACK" and being a Stockholder (1997) but I tell them you cannot put a price on pride!