For Packers fans, it’s always gameday.

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David D, Ontario, Canada

David Duval, owner of Packers outpost The Doghouse Sports Bar & Eatery in Ontario, Canada, makes the eight-hour trek to Lambeau Field for a handful of games each season. Recently he purchased three shares of Packers’ stock when it was offered to fans north of the border, and one will forever be displayed in The Doghouse, one of several bars in the Packers Everywhere International Bars listing.

“I was gleeful when I heard the news that we could buy stock in Canada,” Duval said. “I want to get one just to have it in my bar. I’m excited because I’m probably the biggest Green Bay Packers fan in Canada, bar none.”

The framed stock certificate will be the latest addition to his establishment, which is brimming with Packers paraphernalia. During the season Duval has Wisconsin brats and burgers sizzling on the grill for each game, and everyone in the bar wears Green Bay jerseys. The game day atmosphere has continued to sway visitors once loyal only to the CFL.

“The deeper we get, we’ve converted people who thought Canadian football was better than American football,” Duval said. “We love the CFL, but it doesn’t compare. We love hockey up here as well, and at one time we were a Toronto Maple Leafs bar, but now from the walls to the ceilings, you name it, we’ve got it for the Packers.”

That includes over 30 Green Bay hats hanging across the trim at the ceiling. Duval became a Packers fan as a youth while watching Bart Starr pilot the team to victories in the first two Super Bowls. Over 15 years ago Duval started heading south to Packers games as well as giving tickets to his friends, and it wasn’t long after that he wanted to become a shareholder.

“When the stock became available I was going to order it through a friend in the U.S., but it had to be in their name,” he said. “I wanted it in my name.”

So Duval, now part owner of the Packers, ordered one share for himself and is putting it in the bar for his fellow Canadian fans to view, and one each for both of his grandchildren.