For Packers fans, it’s always gameday.

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Ben, Lynchburg, VA

We have a large group of DIE HARD Pack fans in Lynchburg, VA! We meet every week to watch the games and rotate the games at different people's homes. We always have a HUGE buffet of food that will surely give someone a heart attack if you ate that way every day! This picture was taken on the first game of the season. We worked for a few weeks on our cornhole set and were able to finish it in time for the season! We use our custom Green Bay cornhole set every week before the game, during half time, and after! Getting together every week to watch the Pack is something we all look forward to. No matter what's going on in life, you can always count on good times with family and friends during a good Pack game! During this game, we were all outside playing cornhole, and our neighbor walked across the street to meet us. He had a green and yellow striped polo on, and turns out he is a shareholder (like many of us!). He's lived across the street for years and he and his wife grew up in WI. It was so nice to meet him! We love the Pack! Go Pack Go!