For Packers fans, it’s always gameday.

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Packers Stories

Fan Submitted

Linda K, Spotsylvania, VA

I married into the Packers fan family almost 10 years ago and haven't looked back since. My in-laws have a basement of green and gold memorabilia and when my husband and I bought our "forever home" we started our own green and gold basement. Last season my husband Bobby and I proudly watched every game we could but religiously wore our jerseys regardless every Sunday. I was too afraid to wash them for fear of the luck running out of them in the washing machine. So when they won the Super Bowl I knew I was gonna have to invest in Tide To Go pens and Febreze to get us through the next season. So far it's been a Febreze smelling season on Sundays!

Fan Submitted

Larry S, Singapore

For the past seven years my family and I have lived outside the US: five years in Shanghai and now in Singapore. I have raised my daughters to be true Packers fans. Each summer when we return to the US we make time to visit Green Bay and Lambeau Field. Also, as we are 12 hours ahead, the girls took off school for Super Bowl 45 and we celebrated with brats. We keep the tradition alive!

Fan Submitted

Mirranda G, Townsend, MT

I was born in Montana and was right then and there a Packers fan. It is in my blood. I wear some kind of Packers gear every day to school - even if it is just a necklace, I still wear it.

Fan Submitted

James L, Perth, Australia

I've followed the Packers through tours in Iraq, Yemen and am now in Perth, Australia. No matter where I was or how bad the location was there was always a Green Bay Packers memorabilia item within the office. Sometimes the Internet bandwidth is so bad we can't even listen to the radio broadcasts on the Internet and end up watching the ESPN play by play with no sound. But I never give up following the Packers no matter where this life takes me. GO PACK GO.

Fan Submitted

Bridget E, Lima, OH

I shouldn't have been surprised since I took my now-husband to his first Packers game for our one-year anniversary when we first started dating. My mother went into my house to get my husband's cheesehead the night of our wedding rehearsal. She grabbed his and my brother's. My now-husband and my brother (who walked me down the aisle) both stood at the altar with cheeseheads on as I was "given away". Since then my husband and I wear the same clothes (Packers shirt under our Rodgers jerseys) while we watch every game.

Fan Submitted

Monica S, Murrieta, CA

Three years ago I met my biological mother for the first time in the Atrium at Lambeau.

Fan Submitted

Rick T, Mercersburg, PA

A friend of mine has a Mardi Gras-style party every year in a small farming community. It is mostly tractors, school bands and fire department vehicles. Two years ago one of my crazier friends came up with the idea of decorating and pushing mowers through the route. Of course the only way I could think of decorating my old mower was in Green and Gold.

Fan Submitted

DeeDee B, Sulaimaniyah, Iraq

I was born and raised in Sheboygan, but have lived in the Kurdistan region of Iraq for the past 3 years.

Fan Submitted

Brenda, Paris, France

I was recently on a study abroad trip in Paris, France. By chance, a few girls walked into WOS Bar. Soon they found a shrine of Packers stuff, and found out the owner of the bar is a Frenchman Packers fan!

Featured Bar

Saraveza Bottle Shop & Pasty Tavern, Portland, OR

The fan base started out sparse until Sarah, a Shawano, WI native, received an email from the President of Portland's Badger Alumni Association asking if she and 20+ of her "Wisco" friends could claim Saraveza as their Packers spot! And so it began -- Saraveza's beer geek crowd was replaced by a frosty mug swiggin', Aaron Rodgers lovin', rowdy Portland-Packer crew whenever the Pack took the field!

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