For Packers fans, it’s always gameday.

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Packers Stories

Featured Fan

Conni P, Dayton, OH

My 98 year old Grandma is a Packers fan. We always watch the games together. She is from WI and recently moved to Ohio. She isn't always able to see the games here in Ohio but she always wears her Green Bay sweatshirt when the Packers are playing.

Featured Fan

Jeff and Eileen’s World Adventure

It started with two Packers fans, 40 thumbtacks, and a giant map of the world. It ended with visits to 25 countries on all seven continents, 34,000 photos -- and one Packers flag at the center of it all. In January 2010, Jeff and Eileen Schoenfeldt quit their jobs, sold their possessions, and began the adventure of a lifetime: a trip around the globe. And of course, they brought their Packers pride along for the ride. This is their exclusive Packers Everywhere interview and breathtaking photo album.

Featured Bar

David D, Ontario, Canada

David Duval, owner of Packers outpost The Doghouse Sports Bar & Eatery in Ontario, Canada, makes the eight-hour trek to Lambeau Field for a handful of games each season. Recently he purchased three shares of Packers’ stock when it was offered to fans north of the border, and one will forever be displayed in The Doghouse, one of several bars in the Packers Everywhere International Bars listing.

Fan Submitted

Parmilla, New York City, NY

My name is Parmilla and I am originally from Malaysia. In January of 1998 I landed in Wisconsin to study as a foreign exchange student in a small town called Randolph. I was excited because I had never seen snow before and it was snowing very hard. It was also very cold. All I had was a Washington Redskins sweater that my Aunt had given me two years prior in Malaysia. I didn't know a thing about the NFL or American Football. My host mom, who is a pastor, picked me up from the airport and took me to where my home was to be for the next year...

Fan Submitted

Donna, St. Paul, MN

Growing up in Sheboygan with Packers Fans for parents I learned early to appreciate the game. I remember as a child asking my mom what was for supper and she’d say "As soon as the boys win mom will make Supper". The Packers were her “boys” on Sundays. Time passes and now mom lives with me in Minnesota wearing her Green and Gold proudly wherever she goes. Last Christmas we were so in the spirit of the Packers Super Bowl drive that we started a new tradition....

Fan Submitted

Elaine, St. Paul, MN

On Christmas Eve, 2005, our son Bryan flew in from his home in Virginia, excited to watch the Packers and Bears game with us on TV the next day. We had a family dinner at his aunt's place and then, although he was tired, we went home to open gifts. We saved the boys' stockings for last. Bryan thought it was cute when he found a ticket for the Packers game at the bottom of his stocking, and was sure it was a fake "souvenir" I had made for him...

Fan Submitted

Audrey, Atlanta, GA

My sister Holly and I were both born in Wisconsin. We moved away when we were very young but needless to say our Packers Pride stuck with us our entire lives! Holly is my only sibling and my best friend, and is getting married in June 2012. She had never been to Lambeau before and I wanted to do something really special to celebrate this milestone in her life, so what better way than a sister trip to Lambeau? ...

Featured Fan

The Amazing Gingerbread Lambeau Field

Gingerbread Lambeau Field, built by Mrs. LaDuke's fourth-grade class at Kohler Elementary School in Kohler, Wisconsin, won the top prize at the annual Gingerbread Festival at the Waelderhaus.

Fan Submitted

Ginny, Rio Rancho, NM

At age 13, I unexpectedly lost my arm due to an infection. My orthopedic doctor was a Packers doctor, so while waiting to see my doctor I got to meet many of the Packers (Bart, Willie D, Nitschke) and their families. Needless to say my interest in football sparked and has never lessened in the past 50 years. I have moved to New Mexico in the past 20 years and my infectious enthusiasm for the Packers has converted many people to "Packercism"! I am so proud to be a Packer fan (whether they win or lose).

Fan Submitted

Christine, Norfolk, VA

I've always been a Packers fan, but being in the military presents some interesting challenges when trying to catch the games. In 2010, our ship deployed to the Middle East; I lost a lot of sleep on Sunday nights watching the games at 0300, but it was worth it to see the Green Bay Packers bring the trophy home

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