For Packers fans, it’s always gameday.

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Packers Stories

Fan Submitted

Jonathan U., Baku, Azerbaijan

My room in Baku, Azerbaijan is decked with Packers gear! Last year I woke up at 4 a.m. in order to watch the Super Bowl live, even though I had school to go to the next day. All I can say is GO PACK GO!

Fan Submitted

Zeta Olsen Holm, CA

A Suamico, WI transplant now living in California for decades, Zeta has many fond memories including: babysitting for the son of first round 1936 Packers draft pick, Russ Letlow, serving Vince Lombardi coffee and belonging to a Women’s Quarterback Club.

Featured Fan

Elizabeth Stangl, Chicago, Il

Here’s a contribution from Elizabeth Stangl, one of many Packers fans in the Chicago area that has found a home on game days at Will’s Northwoods Inn, an Official Bar.

Fan Submitted

Glen Christensen, Fort Worth, TX

There are Packers fans, Packers fanatics, and then there are those who transcend the genre. Glen Christensen in Fort Worth, Texas, is a combination of the three. In his home, he has a collection of vintage memorabilia from the team that would be the envy of the Packers Hall of Fame.

Fan Submitted

Tom & Chris Hicke, Barrington, IL

It's hard being a Packer fan living deep in Bears country. So we are sure to represent especially on the two Bears-Packers games we get every season.

Fan Submitted

Dave Gallop, Oshkosh, WI

This last year I watched the NFC Championship game in Cozumel & we had Mexican Packer fans galore.

Fan Submitted

Belinda Johnson, Salt Lake City, UT

Even in Utah you find Packer Backers! And our family is one of the biggest supporters! But the biggest fan at our house is probably our 11-year-old daughter; there is just something about taking a kid to Lambeau when she was nine to make a life long fan!

Fan Submitted

Jennifer Fah, Los Angeles, CA

I ran a half marathon Super Bowl Sunday morning in Huntington Beach, CA and dressed up as only a true fan would. Everyone cheered me on! There were definitely more Packer fans than Steeler fans in the crowd!

Fan Submitted

Beverly Pu, Hana, HI

Many Packers' fans believe heaven on earth is Lambeau Field. Beverly Pu agrees, despite living on the heavenly island of Maui. Her street is unofficially Packers Drive according to the sign at the turn, she has a Packers room in her house with three walls covered in memorabilia, and she has been a loyal fan of the team for more than 50 years.

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