For Packers fans, it’s always gameday.

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Packers Stories

Fan Submitted

Ben, Lynchburg, VA

We have a large group of DIE HARD Pack fans in Lynchburg, VA! We meet every week to watch the games and rotate the games at different people's homes. We always have a HUGE buffet of food that will surely give someone a heart attack if you ate that way every day! This picture was taken on the first game of the season...

Fan Submitted

Kellie, Loogootee, IN

I'm a HUGE Packers fan who is currently stationed in Bagram, Afghanistan. I'm lucky enough to be with a few other Cheeseheads! We're the 1157th Transportation Unit out of Oshkosh, WI! My closest buddy and I had the opportunity to dress up at the USO for Halloween. Naturally, we chose to be Clay and Aaron.

Fan Submitted

Dawn, New York, NY

In late 2010, I suffered a horrible loss that left me sad and without hope. My best friend Laurie stood by my side and emotionally brought me back to life. As a gift to her, I bought us tickets to see her beloved Packers at Lambeau Field. On October 1, 2011, we flew to Green Bay and began our weekend of best friendship, fun and Packers Football...

Featured Fan

Jeep, Elm Grove, WI

A classroom that is brimming with Packers memorabilia, social studies lessons based on facts about Packers’ players and writing assignments centered on game information are just a few of the ways that Pilgrim Park Middle School teacher Jeep Kust keeps his seventh-grade students motivated and engaged...

Featured Fan

Jon Cole, Guangzhou, China

We’ve found Packers fans most everywhere around the world - holding surfboards on the beaches in Hawaii and posing in front of the pyramids in Egypt. But few fans may be able to top Jon Cole, a loyal fan of the green and gold living in China and working as a human cannonball...

Featured Fan

Karen, Clintonville, WI

In October, 2010, while watching a Packers game, I was inspired by the Breast Cancer Awareness campaign with some of the players wearing pink items. I was overdue for a mammogram, and seeing our players wearing pink reminded me to go see my doctor. So a Monday after the game I went in and had it done. The radiologist saw something suspicious...

Featured Fan

Emily Rose F, Houston

I am a senior in high school and I graduate in May. Oct. 9th is my father's 45th birthday, and Oct. 14th is my mother's 45th birthday also. To celebrate their birthdays this year, they bought tickets to the Packers game in Houston. Until he met my mother, my dad was a die-hard Bears fan who was born and raised in Chicago...

Featured Fan

Colin Greaves, England

A Packers fan for over three decades located in England, Colin Greaves turned 50 and his wife gave him the ultimate gift to celebrate the landmark birthday: two tickets to Lambeau Field for the Sept. 13 game vs. the Chicago Bears, with airfare to Green Bay.

Featured Fan

Dean W, Boise, Idaho

In 1967 (I was five years old), my father directed my attention to the B&W Sears Silvertone TV and the football game. He said, "Watch these guys, they're good.” It was the Packers. Over the years, my Grandmother who lived in Milwaukee would send Packers gear for gifts. I have been a stout Packer fan ever since. My best friends are Packer fans!

Featured Fan

Brooke U, Wheaton, Ill.

This past semester, I’ve been studying abroad in Spain. It’s not easy to find NFL games on TV in Spain, but I found a way. I woke up in the wee hours of the morning to watch the Pack and root them on. This past Saturday, I celebrated my 21st birthday in Spain. To celebrate my birthday, I donned a Packers shirt with 21 on the back (to root on Charles Woodson and to represent the big birthday) and trekked up a cliff to arguably one of the most beautiful places in the world, the island of San Juan de Gaztelugatxe.

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