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The Triple Bypass

Submitted by Patrick in Chicago, IL


- 6 brats
- 2 T butter
- 1 Med Onion, thinly sliced or diced
- 1 bag, can or jar (homemade) raw sauerkraut
- 1 lb. of bacon
- 12-20 toothpicks
- 6 large brat buns


- Simmer the brats in 50/50 beer and water until cooked through.  (Never let it boil).
- Reserve some of the cooking beer and let the brats cool.
- While the brats cool, saute the onions and sauerkraut in the butter until translucent.  Some of the brat cooking liquid can be added for flavor. 
- Remove from heat and let cook slightly.
- Slice the cooked brats lengthwise, like a bun, but not completely through.  Again, like a bun.
- Using your hands, stuff each brat with the sauerkraut/onion mixture.
- Wrap the stuffed brat in bacon.  Pin one end of bacon to the brat with a toothpick and wrap diagonally.  It usually takes two pieces of commercial bacon per brat.  Overlap one piece with the other, pin in the middle where both pieces meet if necessary and again at the end of the 2nd piece.
- Head to Lambeau.
- Fire up a grill with indirect heat.  When cooking it’s important to realize the bacon will release a lot of grease.  It’s important to have a tight fitting lid to reduce flareup and long tongs.  Cook over indirect heat until bacon is crispy and delicious.
- Remove toothpick stubs!
- Eat on large brat bun with fixings of your choice.  Usually more kraut, onions and horseradish mustard.

Go Pack!

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