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Skippy’s All Out Beans

Submitted by skippy in Hartford, WI

I like to cook them a day ahead of time. They always taste better the next day, reheated med to low. If you are cooking a day ahead of time, add more liquid smoke when reheating to taste. You should be able to taste the smoke. Enjoy everyone.


- 3 large cans regular baked beans
- 2 cans of chile beans in the mild sauce
- 2 cans of red kidney beans drained
- 2.5 pounds of ground beef
- Montreal steak and roadkill seasoning by Dean Jacobs
- Lawrys garlic salt
- 2 pounds Italian seasoned pork sausage
- 1 pound double smoked thick cut bacon
- Half cup ketchup
- Half cup Famous Daves honey bbq sauce
- Quarter to half cup of regular yellow mustard
- Quarter cup of honey
- Half a cup of maple syrup
- 2 serving spoons of brown sugar
- Quarter cup of molasses
- 6 to 8 shakes of liquid smoke


- Fry up 2 and a half pounds of ground beef.
- Season with Montreal steak and roadkill seasoning made by Dean Jacobs.
- Add Lawry’s garlic salt to beans. I use a nesco so I can regulate the temp better. Slow cooker is ok to.
- Fry up 2 pounds of Italian seasoned pork sausage. Add to beans.
- Fry up 1 pound of nice double smoked thick cut bacon. I like to cut up bacon before i cook it. 3 pieces out of one slice. Add to beans.
- Flavor beans with ketchup, Famous Daves honey bbq sauce, regular yellow mustard, honey, maple syrup, brown sugar, molasses, 6 to 8 shakes of liquid smoke, and add some Lawreys salt to taste (about 4 to 5 shakes)
- Cook on high till bubbling starts. Then cook on low or slow for about 2 to 3 hours, stirring ocasionally.

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