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Quick Bean Soup

Submitted by Russel in Eustis, FL


- 3 cans Great Northern Beans (15oz)
- 1/2 medium onion
- 1/4 pound stick of butter


- Dice the onion.
- Put aside 1/3 of the diced onion and saute the rest of the onion.
- Put 2 of the cans of beans in a sauce pan (big enough to hold the three cans of beans).
- Blend beans leaving some chunks of beans (I use one of those hand held blenders) add third can of beans, all the onions (sauted and raw) and the 1/4 pound of butter.
- Heat over medium heat until butter melted and soup is as warm as you want to serve it.
- Season to taste (I use Pleasing Franks Blend, but salt and pepper will do). If you want you can add any cubed cook meat you have around.

Categories: Appetizers & Sides, Soup, Quick & Easy