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Packer Cracker Snack Mix

Submitted by Ginger in Galesville, WI


- 2 boxes Wheat Thins crackers
- 2 boxes Wheatable crackers
- 2 boxes Ritz cheese bits
- 2 boxes Cheez-its
- 2 bags Ritz air crisps
- 2 bags Original Cheddar Combos
- 2 bags Pretzel Cheddar Combos
- 1 bag pretzels (any shape but small in size)
- 1 bottle Orville Redenbacher;s butter flavor popcorn oil
- 1 pkg ranch dressing mix
- 2 tall kitchen garbage bags


- Mix popcorn oil and ranch dressing together and set aside. 
- In one garbage bag pour one box/bag of each cracker ending with the pretzels and then add the second box/bag of each cracker. 
- Close bag with twist tie and gently roll contents to mix.  Reopen bag. 
- Stir the oil/dressing mixture once again and pour over the cracker contents in the bag. 
- Close bag again with the twist tie.  Place first bag inside of second bag and close with a twist tie.
- Let mixture stand for 30 minutes then turn bag over. 
- Let stand another 30 minutes and turn over again (do this another 2 times to allow for popcorn oil/dressing mixture to spread over all crackers and be absorbed).
- Place mixture in airtight containers and it will stay fresh for several months - or many tailgate parties!  Enjoy!

Categories: Appetizers & Sides, Team-sized Recipes