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Packers Anchovy Egg Bites

Submitted by Irmgard in Tulsa, OK

This snack has been my German family tradition to ring in the new year. I thought they were too good to only enjoy once a year and they're also the perfect Packer colors. I started serving them for our Packers game treats and wow, they sure go over big. Go Pack!


- Baguette (fresh and crisp)
- Hard boiled eggs
- Anchovies
- Butter or mayo
- Chopped chives


- Cut baguette into thin slices. 
- Butter or mayo slices of baguettes. 
- Slice hard boiled eggs and place a slice or two on top of buttered baguettes. 
- Place a piece of anchovy on egg slice and sprinkle chopped green chives on top. Enjoy and Guten Appetit!

Categories: Appetizers & Sides