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Submitted by Ivan in Biddeford, ME


- 12 egg yolks
- 1.2 litres Canadian Whiskey
- 1.2 litres oz dark rum
- 750 mL Kahlua
- 300 mL maple syrup
- 1.2 litres whole milk
- 1.2 litres heavy cream (double cream is good)
- 1 cup sugar


- Beat yolks until fluffy and completely mixed.
- Add sugar to eggs and beat until thick and smooth.
- Add and stir in milk and liquor.
- Chill for at least a minimum of 3 hours (preferably overnight).
- Whip the cream until good and thick. (Do NOT use canned cream - it will go flat)
- Fold in whipped cream.
- Chill for 1 hour.
- Sprinkle top with nutmeg and cinnamon to taste (optional, but well worth it).
- Serve in punch bowl keep remainder of mixture chilled because of the raw eggs. (Normally this is not a problem as Moosemilk disappears quickly).
- Serve in your fanciest glasses.

Categories: Drinks, Team-sized Recipes