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Beer Mustard Brats

Submitted by Matthew in Selma, CA


- 1 red onion
- Olive oil
- 1 Tbsp Dijon mustard
- 6 bratwurst
- 1 Guiness (approx 20 oz)
- Your choice of condiments on hoagie rolls


- Slice onion into rings.
- Heat skillet to med-high temperature.
- Put oil and mustard into pan. 
- When at temperature add onions, cook until transparent. 
- Add Guiness to pan to deglaze. 
- Add brats and cover.
- Cook for 20-25 until cooked 75 percent.
- Remove onions, setting them aside and reduce liquid with brats still in the pan (about 10 min). 
- Serve with your choice of condiments on hoagie rolls.

Categories: Brats, Main Dishes