For Packers fans, it’s always gameday.

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Packers Pride — Speak with your Cap

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Show your Packers Pride by submitting a photo of you, family and friends wearing Packers hats.

Each week during the season, New Era will provide one lucky winner with a FREE hat!

Winners will be randomly selected from each week’s photo submissions. Each week’s winner will be featured the following week on the Packers Everywhere Facebook page.

Go Pack Go!

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Chase M.

Chase M. from Sunnyvale, CA. Packers pride at 14,179 feet! (Mount Shasta, CA)

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Angie from Santa Monica, CA took "Speak with your Cap" to a whole new level... under sea level!

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Like her passion for the Packers, this cap has been a staple on gameday for Yvette for the past 10 years.

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Alex and Jenny

Alex and Jenny from Norwalk, CA are "Packers for life," and the first New Era Speak with your Cap weekly winners of the season!

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Lori P.

“We get excited about our Packers!!!!!”

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Alan. R.

“Photo taken in Manila, Philippines with my son and a big Packers fan, Fonsi. We're the biggest Packers fan from the Philippines! Go Pack Go!!!”

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Glenn H.

"Snow. Packed. Sack."

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Kyle K.

Kyle K. and his son, Jonah, showing their Packer pride at the top of Twin Peaks in San Francisco.

Michael Brust’s image

Michael Brust in Fort Wayne, IN

"All dressed up to watch the Packers and Steelers duke it out in Super Bowl XLV"

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Patty M

"Always standing nearby our beloved Lambeau, players and fans. Go Pack Go!"