For Packers fans, it’s always gameday.

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Official Invitation

The Green Bay Packers are launching a new initiative called Packers Everywhere, and you're invited to join in.

Packers fans are loud and proud all over the country, so we're teaming up with bars and other establishments to connect with Packers fans wherever they are.

A big part of Packers Everywhere is showing people where they can gather with other Packers fans to watch games and have all kinds of other Packers-related fun. The only thing our fans like more than watching Packers games is watching them with their fellow fans. So we're reaching out to establishments like yours to build up our list of official Packers bars that we'll promote to millions of Packers fans nationwide.

Participation is free, and we're planning a serious promotional push around this project — basically free advertising for your bar online and in the press, including an official Packers Everywhere certificate to hang in your establishment so all patrons can see it.

Interested? Sign up here.

Looking forward to teaming up.

Mark Murphy
President of the Green Bay Packers