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Check out this edible replica of Lambeau Field

Enita from Connecticut posted this incredible example of a Snackadium to the Packers Everywhere Facebook page. It's a mouth-watering replica of Lambeau Field, complete with a blimp and a jumbotron.

Based on Enita's photos, here's a quick guide to building the most epic snacking structure your living room has ever seen.

The Ingredients

Enita filled her Snackadium with chips and dip, popcorn, veggies, shrimp, and even calzones and tiny pizzas. She used pretzels for the field goal posts and guacamole for the grass field. Feel free to get creative, just don't forget the cheese!

You’ll need a lot of food to fill the stadium, so head over to the Packers Online Cookbook for inspiration.

The Structure

Use a cookie sheet for the field and six or more disposable loaf pans to ring the field as stands. You can create stadium seating by cutting the short sides of the loaf pans at an angle towards the front, then cutting off the front of the pan, leaving a ½- to 1-inch lip. But there aren’t really hard and fast rules, do whatever you need to do to keep it standing. Consider using some extra materials like packing tape and cardboard (and maybe an engineering degree from MIT). For extra effect, print out an exterior facade and glue it on.

Pro tip: Much like a regular stadium, once a Snackadium is built, it cannot be moved (the same can probably be said of you after you dig in). So choose the building site carefully, and maybe loosen up your belt before you start eating.

Be sure to make time for a quick photo shoot -- and then send us your photos to share with the Packers community!

For more inspiration, here are some additional shots of Enita's amazing concoction: